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Lighting choice

Question : BETWEEN the projector head-lamp and normal reflective type, which is better?

Do you think that the rear LED lamp can last longer? I heard that once it malfunctions, we have to replace the whole thing.

I also wonder why even BMW does not use the optitron meter?

It's not only sophisticated but provides clear info during day/night driving.

Answer : 1. It depends on the manufacturer and there are many reasons for it.

It could be because of styling, cost or simply that they find their design adequate to meet their standards as well as internationally accepted standards for vehicle manufacture.

While LED lights last longer, at the moment the high powered units are quite expensive.

LEDs have found a good use in tail and brake lights as they can be built into arrays that suit the styling.

2. BMW probably has its own reasons for the use of its own systems.

While you may think the optitron system is sophisticated and should be used by all manufacturers, that is your opinion and may not be that of others in the industry.


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