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Expensive bulbs

Question : I OWN a Nissan Cefiro 3.0.

The bulbs in one of the headlights had ceased to shine and needed replacing.

The regular workshop and a parts dealer could not do the job.

The Nissan appointed workshop also could not but referred me to TCEAS. And I was recommended the light-bulb that costs around RM606.50 per piece ( extra RM50.00 for installation) from Japan.

I am looking for alternatives but it seems that TCEAS is the only option for these Nissan lightbulbs.

My complaints to the supervisor actually resulted in a reduced price of RM350 per bulb instead of the original RM606.50.

Can this particular HID-light be changed at a more reasonable rate elsewhere ?

Answer : The original HID bulb is actually sold around the price that you have mentioned but possibly with all your complaints, the people in the workshop sourced the bulbs for you from an outside supplier to keep you happy.

Remember that HID bulbs are very different from normal bulbs and operate at a much higher voltage -- hence the higher cost.

I do not know if the replacement units are of the same power as the originals but I suspect that they are not.


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