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Light defect

Question : MY family own two Volvo 240GL (both manual). My questions are:

1. Both cars have the same rear light problems. One of the rear lights does not work and the rear light on one of the cars is new (replaced three months ago).

Is it a manufacturing defect? I have seen a number of Volvos from this particular model having the same problem.

I had sent it to a workshop but the problem occurs again after several days.

2. One of the Volvos has a Nissan 1.6L carburetor.

a) What can be done to increase the car power?

b) Why does the car engine continue to run for one or two seconds after it has been switched off? What can be done to stop this?

c) Sometimes the engine rpm drops really low (like it's going to die) when braking to stop. This usually happens after the car has been traveling at high speed.

3. The other Volvo is in its original condition. The problem with this car is that it would shake and jerk in stop and go traffic, such as in jams, as if you are using the third or fourth gear to move from a stand- still.

Answer : 

1. If the lights do not work, then you need to check carefully if there is sufficient earthing of the lamp units or if all connections are tight.

It may also be a harness problem and in that case, you will need to trace the wire from one end to the other to find out if there are any breaks or bad connectors.

2. If you are using a carburetor from a 1.6-litre car with your 2.4-litre engine, of course you will have loss of power as the carburetor cannot flow sufficient air and so you will have less fuel mixture.

You will need to find a carburetor from a 2.2 to 2.4- litre engine to give you back the performance.

3. Most Japanese carburetors have what is called an 'anti-dieseling' valve that shuts off the fuel flow in the carburetor when the ignition is turned off.

I suspect that when you installed the Nissan carburetor, the anti-dieseling valve was faulty and is not shutting off and the excess fuel flow is causing the 'running-on'.

4. This shaking and jerking is more likely a carburetion problem and the best is to pull out the carb and get it serviced.

The unfortunate thing is that old carbs tend to have quite a lot of internal corrosion resulting in fuel passages being blocked, etc. and causing erratic running.

If such is the case and even after overhauling the engine is still behaving the same, then the best is to replace the carb.


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