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Just a blown bulb

Question : THE charging light (alternator) on my 1996 Toyota Corolla 1.6 SEG no longer lights up when the ignition key is turned on. As a result, I am unsure if the charging system is still functioning and I am worried about an imminent breakdown.

What would be your advice in this situation? Shall I return the vehicle to an authorised Toyota workshop for attention and is it likely to cost me an arm and a leg?

Answer : IT is unlikely that you have a fault in the charging system. Such a fault should result in the warning light staying on even when the engine is running.

I think the most likely cause of your problem is simply a blown bulb behind the instrument panel, and replacement is cheap and easy.

Remove the four screws (two up, two down) and pull the instrument panel forward. Unclip the wiring behind the panel and took for the offending bulb.

The bulb simply unscrews (anti-clockwise) and replacements cost less than 5 dollars each.

The instrument panel is replaced in the same way as it was removed.


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