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No shortcut to fix short circuit

Question : THE fuses for the headlight and turn signal bulbs on my 2001 Proton Waja keep blowing regularly.

Friends have suggested that the grounding of my vehicle requires checking while others have advised a change of battery. What I should do?

Answer : FUSES blow when too high a current flow through them. If a fuse is rated for five amperes, it will blow when an electrical current exceeding 5A flows through it. As such, they are safety devices that prevent an overload of the electrical item that they are supplying.

It is unlikely that poor electrical grounding is the cause of your problem since poor earthing has the opposite effect -- too little current flows.

It is also unlikely that the battery would be the cause since other instruments such as the Engine Management Unit (EMU) would also be affected by a weak battery.

However, it is likely that there is an electrical short somewhere along the wiring harness, and this is a job for an auto electrician. Electrical problems such as these are not easy to sort out and require experience and specialised knowledge. Do not, under any circumstances, try to get around an electrical short by substituting with fuses of a higher ampere rating since this could result in your entire wiring harness catching fire or the car itself going up inflames! Electricians have a saying about fuses: "You go up, you blow up!"


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