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Light mods must not endanger other road users

Question : I WOULD like to know if there is a higher limit for the color temperature (K) for the headlights of a road going vehicle. I am planning to retro-fit a HID kit to my current vehicle, but I also want to remain on the right side of the law. Please advise.

Answer : The temperature (measured in Kelvin or K) of the light determines the colour of the light that the bulb emits. Normal incandescent filament bulbs produce light of about 2,800K while halogen bulbs around 3,200 to 3,400K. High intensity discharge (HID) bulbs produce light of a much higher temperature, usually with a lower temperature limit of about 3,800K.

As the temperature of the light increases, its colour becomes whiter and at temperatures exceeding 6,000K, the light turns a bluish tint. As the amount of blue in light increases, the amount of contrast decreases, and with extremely high temperature lights, visibility becomes poor in bad weather conditions.

The laws governing the modification of lights on vehicles in Malaysia are rather unclear, especially concerning replacement of the light source (bulb). However, any modifications that are carried out must not create a nuisance or endanger other road users i.e. glare.

The guidelines do state that any forms of blue-colored lights are prohibited. But, just what constitutes "blue" is not clearly spelled out.

Note that some HID conversion kits which the makers claim are direct replacement for halogen bulbs have been known to cause problems such as flaring because they were not properly designed for the car's original reflectors.


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