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No shortcuts in fixing shorts

Question : THE fuse supplying power to the front passenger headlamps of my 1999 Perodua Kembara keeps blowing each time the lights are turned on.

As a result, I am unable to drive at, night. I feel that I may be able y to tackle the matter myself but I will require some fault tracing advice from you.

Answer : A BLOWN fuse simply means that there is a short circuit somewhere along the power supply to the headlight of your vehicle.

What is important is not to substitute the blown fuse with one rated for a higher current or amperage in the hope that this will hold. You would be merely masking the problem and putting your vehicle at risk of afire. Pay heed to the electricians' saying: "You swap up, you blow up!"

Fault tracing is not difficult although it takes a lot of time and patience, and you must be prepared to work through procedures methodically.

The short is most likely to have occurred somewhere between the fuse box and the headlight unit.

Look at the colour of the wire supplying the headlight and work backward towards the fuse box (power supply). Look for cracks in the insulation especially where the wire runs adjacent to the bodywork, or a where it passes through any body panels. These are the places where short circuits frequently occur.

When the short is found, do not attempt to by-pass it. Instead, replace the entire section of the wire.

Always consult an automotive electrician if you are unsure of what you are doing.


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