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Question : THE headlamps on my 1990 Toyota Celica are "out of aim" after an accident and subsequent repairs. I have been told that if the repairs were carried out overseas, a machine known as a beam leveler would be used to adjust the headlamps. How can the beams be adjusted properly here without such a machine?

Answer : HEADLAMP beams must be adjusted to provide maximum illumination of the road ahead for the driver, while ensuring that drivers of on-coming cars are not blinded. Since we drive on the left side of the road, the beams must be slightly biased to the left side so that the curb side is illuminated, for the sake of safety.

Headlight adjustment can be done at home. Although not entirely accurate, it provides satisfactory lighting performance.

First, drive your vehicle till the headlights are about 150mm from a wall. Use a piece of coloured chalk and mark out the centre of the lamp units on the wall. Next, back your vehicle till the lights are about 7.5m from the wall and switch on the low beams. When the beams are in proper adjustment, they should fall just below, and to the left of the marks you have made.

On vehicles with separate high beam units, the high beam should be adjusted so that the beam centre falls 25mm directly above the mark.


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