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Question : THE instrument panel light on my wife's three-year-old Toyota Harrier 2.4 litre has stopped working and at night, it is impossible to tell how fast we're going. I think the bulb had blown. How do we replace it?

Answer : IT'S not difficult to replace the instrument panel bulb, provided you have the patience and take care to prevent damage to the surrounding plastic trim.

First, you need to remove the two screws holding the plastic trim to the instrument panel. Apart from the screws, the surround is also clipped onto the instrument panel. You will have to use a plastic knife to pry the surround from the panel, starting from the upper edge, and slowly work your way to the lower edge.

With the plastic trim out of the way, the screws securing the instrument panel at the four corners can then be removed. Partially withdraw the panel from the dash and unplug all the wiring harnesses plugged into the rear of the instrument panel. Then remove completely from the vehicle.

The fused bulb can simply be removed from the rear of the panel, and replaced.


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