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Light just doesn't go off

Question : My Kancil's door ajar light (the indicator on the dashboard) is on all the time. It happened after I washed the car. Does anybody know where the fuse for that light is? It's quite dim but when I open the door, it brightens up. When I close the door, it is dim again but it won't go off.

Answer : The door ajar light is wired to the door switches and works by earthing the bulb to the body when the door is opened. What probably happened is that water has got into the contacts of the switch, allowing the indicator bulb to earth to the body and so causing the bulb to glow. You can try spraying WD40 into each of the door switches to displace any water. The reason why the interior light is not coming on is that light requires a higher current through the same switch but probably due to the poor contact, is not sufficient to light it. That may be the explanation but the problem is still the water ingress into the contact.


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