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Hypermiling with the Waja

Question : I drive a 2005 Waja and by necessity. I am a hypermiler.

I have done most of the tricks like lightening the car, running extra pressure on the tyres, tapping the gaps for smoother airflow and much more.

Recently, I came across some ignition cables that promise more power and what attracted me was the claim that the cables can increase the car's mileage using bigger spark.

Is it true such things can save fuel ?

Answer : Hypermiling with a Waja, never thought I would hear such a thing.

I would suggest changing to a more efficient car for your hobby.

Back to the main issue, the answer is no and yes. No because an ignition system in good working condition is already optimized for the engine.

A bigger spark would only cause the spark plugs to burn out faster and might interfere with the electronics.

Your engine makes power through combustion and the three main ingredients are air, fuel and heat.

The spark is just to ignite the air and fuel mixture and bigger spark does not mean a bigger explosion.

For the yes part, you can get improvement if your system has some wear and tear, like light corrosion on the contacts and worn spark plugs.

(Hypermiling is the act of maximizing your fuel economy).


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