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Starting quandary

Question : I DRIVE a Toyota SEG 1999 model and have difficulty in restarting the car when the engine is hot.

The engine does not want to crank. It normally happens when the engine is switched off after five to 10 minutes.

There is no problem in the morning or when the engine has cooled down.

I have checked the starter motor and replaced with one from a half-cut.

The battery is only seven months old and in good condition.

Also, the front tyres and steering appear to be wobbling at speeds of 20 km to 50km.

I have done the front alignment, tyre rotation and balancing as well as checked the front suspensions but the problem is still there.

The franchise dealer service center said it was due to the throttle body.

I have it checked and serviced but the problem persists.

A foreman advised me that it is due to the wear in the drive-shaft housing.

Answer :

1. If the starter motor does not crank the engine, then you have to check the electrics, especially the starter relay and earthing of the starter motor.

It is possible that the earthing of the engine to the body is not good and for some reason after the engine has run for a while, it gets worse.

I would pull out all the earthing straps, clean them an refit.

2. Who did your tyre balancing and rotation ? Did he also do a check on the wheel and tyre run-out ?

If there is excessive run-out, either axially or radially, you will get wheel wobble even if the tyres are balanced.

You mention tyre rotation but have you tried swapping the front and rear wheels also.

If the problem still occurs, then it may lie in the front suspension  with too much movement in one or more of the bushes.

There is a third possibility of a worn drive shaft universal joint that is causing the drive shaft to wobble at certain speeds and cause steering shake.

This can be easily checked out by attempting to move the drive shafts. There should be no movement up and down.


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