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Starting hassle

Question : I HAD no trouble starting my Mercedes Benz W210 E 200 Compressor manufactured in 2001 with jus tone turn of the key when the engine was warm or cold.

Of late, after the key is turned, it will take 10 to 20 turns of the ignition before the engine is started.

On very rare occasions, the engine gets started with just one turn of the ignition.

My mechanic replaced the fuel pump twice with a new one, fearing the first was faulty when the problem persisted.

He then changed the spark plugs, the acutator, air mass sensor, crank-shaft sensor, engine temperature switch, injection nozzle, fuel pressure damper and even the fuel filter twice.

in spite of all the replacement with new ones, the problem persists and in fact is getting worse.

Answer : Have you had the car checked by the franchise holders ?

I hate to say this but looking at the number of parts your mechanic has replaced, it does not appear that he has the right test equipment to track your problem and is using trial and error to try to sort out the problem.

Take your car to someone who has the right test equipment to check out the EFI system and you should get it sorted out in one go.

I am not going to make any suggestion because with all the parts changed, there now may be other problems which did not exist originally and my suggestion may start another round of "hit and miss".


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