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Immobiliser fault

Question : I AM the second owner of a 2003 Citroen CS, happily motoring for 42 months.

The problem only started recently when I entered my car using my key, as the remote control did not work.

As usual, this entry will cause the alarm to trigger, so I slotted the key initial and pressed the centre lock to close the button to stop the alarm.

To my dismay, for the first time, I could not start the engine. The initial display pack showed that the engine immobiliser was at fault.

I have tried many times removing the battery as advised to reset the memory. Now, the display pack only shows that economy mode is active because of persistent cranking.

The system shuts down all unnecessary items like the power window to conserve energy.

My mechanic said the high tension supply used to ignite the spark plugs is the culprit.

What causes the break connection, high tension coil or the alarm making the ECU to shut?

Answer : I am not familiar with the alarm and immobiliser system of your car but I think that the immobiliser is doing its work and the only way to get it going again is to get someone who knows how the system works and how to get it reset and running again. Of course, the best people to see would be the franchise holders as this is a standard component in the car.


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