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Shattered glass window

Question : I bought a new Toyota Vios, and it is still under warranty. I parked the car in a semi-closed garage and on the right side, was parked another car. About 8pm that day, I found the right side glass window shattered into small pieces. The car was under the sun in the afternoon that day.

I took the car and the broken glass to the Toyota Service Centre, and related the incident to the chief foreman. I told him that I suspected the glass broke because of a manufacturing fault. He took photographs of the car and said he would send a report to the glass manufacturer.

I replaced the side window at my own cost, as I had no proof (the cause of the broken glass) for me to claim under the warranty clause. What could be the likely cause of the broken glass?

Answer : The bad news is that you may not get a claim under warranty but out of goodwill only. The side and rear glass of all cars are made from tempered glass, and if you know how tempered glass is made, you will know that in effect the glass is under tension at all times and all it needs is anything to disturb that state such as a knock or even uneven variation of heat, and it will shatter for no apparent reason.

There is always the possibility that when the glass was fitted to the door frame, it may not have fitted properly and was very tight, thus causing stress, but this you would have noticed as the glass would have had difficulty moving up or down. If the glass had broken anything up to about a week after delivery, it is more likely than not that the car dealer would replace it for you under goodwill, but if it is anything after that period, your chances of getting anything free are slim.


Shattered glass window

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