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Transmission quandary

Question : I have a Proton 1.5 Wira with fuel injection and automatic gear.

When I step on the accelerator, the engine revs up to 3,000rpm with no pick up in speed before dropping down to 2,000rpm.

It is when it is at 2,000rpm that the car starts to pick up speed.

What's the problem with the gear ?

I have another Proton 1.5 Wira with automatic gear but it is the carburetor type.

I am thinking of scrapping it eventually.

Can the gears for both the cars be swapped ? Is there more to it than just swapping the gears, for example, any electronics adjustments to be made ?

Answer : You do have a problem with the transmission.

Try putting it in 1 instead of D and see fi the same thing occurs.

If it does, then the problem is more likely in the clutch assembly.

If not, then it may be in the selector assembly.

Either way, you need to get it looked at by someone familiar with automatics.

On the second Wira, without having the detailed specs, I can hazard a guess that both transmissions should be interchangeable without any adjustments as both models are similar.


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