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Transmission cooler

Question : I AM the owner of a Proton Perdana V6 (1999) that has served me 330,000km in mileage.

The automatic gearbox needs to be replaced after 11 years.

What good will an additional unit of automatic transmission cooler do to my new gearbox ? Is it really necessary ? Can I do without it ?

There are so many imitation Proton automatic transmission fluids in the market. Will it affect my gearbox if I happen to use an imitation ?

Is there any better grade of automatic transmission fluids that I can use on my Perdana V6 as an alternative ? This is because the 20,000km ATF interval change is simply too expensive maintain.

Also, can I use Honda or Toyota ATFs ?

Answer : You really do not need a transmission cooler unless you are doing a lot of towing and putting the transmission through a lot of stress such as hill climbing or off-road.

If you know that the ATF is an imitation product, then you should be suspicious of its quality and specs, and not use it.

You have to check the specifications for your oil in the owner's handbook and as long as the specs are the same, you can use it.

You mention 20,000km oil change intervals for the ATF which I think is far too often.

Most transmission manufacturers recommend something around 90,000km for normal use and 45,000km for sever operation.


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