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Low speed stalling

Question : I OWN a 1996 BMW E38 740Li (4.0) auto.

For the last couple of months, I have been experiencing this problem but it's not frequent, sometimes days or even weeks between occurrences.

The engine won't stay running at first start but is fine on the second effort.

This usually happens when I've driven the car for a while, parked it and tried to start it after a short period ( about 30 minutes ).

When I am idling or braking and turning ( into my driveway slowly ), the engine stalls.

There is no jump of revs, and drives very well and smoothly with power.

I have so far changed the crank and cam sensors but there is no solution.

Answer : The symptoms of the problems point to too lean an idle mixture and this could be :

1. A simple case of the idle bleed adjustment not adjusted correctly. When the engine is warmed up, the lean mixture is OK to run the engine quite smoothly but once the engine is cooled, it needs a richer mixture and so it stalls.

2. There may be an air leak in the inlet manifold causing the mixture to be too lean on idling.

3. The temperature sensor is faulty and so when the engine is cold, the ECU does not get such a signal and so the fuel quantity injected is as for a warmed up engine and this is too lean.


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