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Warming up your engine

THE adage that you should warm up your engine before driving is now outdate.

Modern engines have better lubrication, tighter clearances and are generally more resistant to sludge formation.

Cars nowadays use an electronic fuel injection system usually run by the engine control unit ( ECU ).

If your car's engine is cold, its computer tells the fuel injectors to stay open longer, allowing more fuel into the engine to help it run while it is cold.

As the engine warms up, the injectors let in less fuel and everything returns to normal, so to speak.

Idling your car to warm it up to operational temperatures is actually the slowest method to warm up your engine. not only that, this method of warming up your engine could create more problems than it solves, including plugging up your catalytic converter. A "plugged" catalytic converter equals poor mileage and a significantly dirtier exhaust.

In colder climates, it is advised to warm up your engine for five minutes or so to ensure that all the fluids are sufficiently warm enough to flow but in South East Asia with the permanent summer-time climate, all that's needed is 30 seconds of idling to allow for the oil to circulate through your engine.

Many components such as the wheel bearings, tyres and suspension only warm up once your vehicle is moving, so just start your motor, buckle your seatbelt, adjust the mirrors and drive off at normal speeds.


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