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Engine quandary

Question : I AM having problems with my Proton Wira SOHC, 1.5-litre fuel injection engine which has clocked 156,151km.

1. Cylinder oil is always depleted. The car has been sent for regular services from the time we bought it new.

Now the oil gets depleted before its due service.

My mechanic now uses a thicker lubricant with medicated additives for it to last a little longer, but the problem still persists and the engine's a little rough.

I have checked the engine body for leakage, but there isn't any. I have checked the radiator for signs of oil in the water, but it's clear. So is the cylinder cap.

Exhaust smoke is quite white now. It was colorless when the car was new.

2. The engine has a tendency to slightly overheat after a 60-80km ride, something that never happened before.

The temperature reaches about 100C.

The fan, fan switch, water pump and hoses had been replaced because they were defective.

The radiator was also changed as it was leaking. They are all working well, but the engine still tends to overheat a little.

I always make sure the radiator has sufficient water and that there is no water leak.

My mechanic recommended en engine rebuild. He told me that it's normal for an engine to give these problems once it has clocked this mileage.

What could be wrong with the engine ? It even jerks when I take off at traffic lights.

The engine did die in the middle of the road once or twice when my sister drove the car.

Answer : From your description of what is happening, I would think that the engine needs to be rebuilt.

The other problems may be related but I think the more important is to get the engine fixed first.

If you are thinking of a rebuild, you must consider a full rebuild, ie. replacement of all pistons and rings including a rebore, replacement of all engine bearings, reseating all the valves and possibly replacement of all the valve springs and any valve drive components. This is likely to cost a lot.

The alternative is to buy a used engine which may be in better condition than yours.

your mechanic would probably have the sources for such engines in your town.


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