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'Running-in' engine

Question : I AM purchasing a new Proton Persona Elegance 1.6 and I have a few queries.

1.Is it true that a brand new car should not be driven above a certain speed ? If it's true, what would that speed be and until how many kilometers of mileage chalked up before it could be driven above that speed ?

2. Is it true that the car's air conditioning should not be switched on when the engine has just been started, especially after a long period, ie. overnight ? If it's true, when is it good to switch on the air conditioning ? What effect is there on the car if the air conditioning is switched on together with the engine ?

Answer :

1. It is usually recommended that one should not unnecessarily revs the engine or pull maximum revs up till the second service of a car. This is to enable the engine parts to bed down and wear evenly. Having said that, all modern engines are already bench run and even dyno checked at maximum revs before being put into your car and therefore the so called "running-in" need to to be too gentle.

2. There is nothing wrong with leaving the air conditioning on all the time and starting the engine with the compressor connected. On maximum load, the compressor only pulls about 5 bhp and it is well within the capability of the starter motor to stat the engine even with the load of the compressor.


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