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'Warm up' poser

Question : I HAVE read a few articles on how to avoid contamination of motor oil due to condensation in the engine by taking the car for at least_ a 100km drive every week.

Is idling the engine for half an hour or so a good alternative to avoid taking the car for a 100km drive once a week to save fuel and time?

If I own two cars, that means taking both cars for a 100km drive each week.

Is there any study done to compare bow much longer the car engine would last with and without weekly "warm up" but driving below 50km daily with breaks in between?

Answer : We cannot quote definitive studies on wear rates but it is a known fact that the highest wear in an engine is when the engine first starts up and in the first few minutes of running when there is insufficient lubrication on the cylinder walls and oil pressure has not built up sufficiently to provide a thick enough boundary layer between the various moving parts, such as the main and con-rod bearings.

That is why lube oil manufacturers spend so much to develop oils that have good cold start qualities.

One does not have to go at least 100km per week but that figure is an approximate one.

What is important is that the engine is able to come up to operating temperature before being shut down.


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