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Dent on door

Question : I purchase a Proton Persona in July last year and after taking delivery, I found a small dent on the right hand side of the back door.

The sales person said it could be repaired free at a Proton workshop.

However, the person in charge of the workshop told me it would not look as good as the original.

What should I do ?

Answer : Put it this way. If the dent is large enough to be noticeable by anyone, then I think you can insist on a replacement of the door.

However, if it is a very small dent that is hardly noticeable, it can be easily touched up ad no one will notice it.

It all depends on how particular you are and whether you can live with the defect.

Remember that when the door is replaced, it will have to be painted to match the rest of the car and this will be done outside the assembly plant and there is no guarantee that the color will be a perfect match.

The color code may be he same but colors vary slightly from batch to batch and you may notice six months down the line that the colors are different. What do you do then ?



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