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Unsettling brakes

Question : EVERY morning, when I reverse my new Persona Elegance out of the house, the brake system fails to stop the car at the desired distance.

My car porch is higher than the tarred road.

This problem is aggravated when the car is parked overnight.

The Proton Service center has adjusted the hand brake but the problem remains.

Answer : I am making a guess here as I do not have a real feel of your problem.

When you say that the brake system fails to stop the car, do you means that the car does not stop or the brakes do not seem to be effective ?

If the brakes do not seem to be effect, I suspect that when the car starts, there is insufficient vacuum to assist the foot brake.

In that case, I suggest checking the vacuum hose from the intake manifold to the brake booster for leaks and also, the one-way valve that is fitted in the hose.

If the hose or valve is leaking, you will have ineffective brakes.

Also, the brake booster may be leaking but you probably will not notice it as the leak may not be that bad and thus, does not affect your breaking on level ground and after you have driven the car for a while.


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