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Faulty ABS

Question : I DRIVE a 2004 Perdana V6. About two weeks ago, the yellow ABS (anti-brake system) warning light came on while I was driving.

My Proton workshop mechanics changed the front discs, saying they were unevenly worn. They also changed the front brake pads and the light then went off.

A few minutes after I left the workshop, the light came on again and stayed on 95 per cent of the time while the engine was running. Occasionally, it would go off for a minute or two.

I took the car back to the same workshop and they checked the relay and cleaned the inside of all the wheels.

The light went off for a while and then came on again.

The workshop then told me to change the unit but since it was too expensive, they asked me to ignore the light since the brakes still work.

I am not happy because the ABS is not working and driving on a rainy day can be dangerous.

Now it is on 99 per cent of the time.

What could be wrong and can the ABS unit be repaired?

Answer : I am sure that the workshop has a better way to check whether the ABS is working instead of using the hit or miss method.

I would suggest that you go to another service dealership and seek their opinion.

It is possible that the ABS unit is faulty but what is important is to find out the cause of the light coming on.

Faulty ABS can be dangerous as it may not work at a crucial time.


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