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Shake, rattle and roll

Question : MY Proton Wira 1.3 (manual) judders each time the clutch is released. My mechanic suggests that the gearbox requires overhauling but I am not convinced, as my vehicle has only clocked 26,000km. Please advise as I do not wish to spend an exorbitant amount of hard-earned cash only to find the problem unresolved.

Answer : CLUTCH judder is a common problem on manual transmission vehicles. However, this may be caused by one or more factors, and the amount of time and cost of eliminating the judder very much. depends on the cause of the judder in the first place.

Clutch judder is caused by the uneven 'take-up' in the drive between the engine and the final drive (transmission) of the vehicle. The most common causes are a warped clutch friction plate or a weak pressure plate. In both cases, the friction between the friction and pressure plate is uneven along its circumference resulting in the judder.

Replacing the items is the only solution, and it is advisable to use parts supplied by the vehicle manufacturer, since 're-manufactured' or pattern parts may only resolve the situation for a short while.

The more rare causes of clutch judder include a distorted flywheel and wobbly gearbox layshaft. A distorted flywheel can be machined to present a perfectly flat surface to the clutch components while a wobbly gearbox layshaft can only be cured with a complete gearbox overhaul.


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