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Starting hassle

Question : I HAVE a problem with my 22-year-old Honda Prelude.

If I do not use the car even for one day, I will have great difficulty in getting it started.

Starting is OK with everyday usage. It is difficult in the sense that it will take quite a while ( five to 10 minutes at times ) to get the car started, morning or night.

The longer the car is not in use, the more difficult and longer it will take me to start it up.

I have sent the car to a trained and qualified mechanic a few times and also to Honda's authorized and approved agent but to no avail.

All they did was to change the spark plugs and cables ( they said that the carburetor was still good ).

The car is not often used and has a low mileage.

Answer : I will hazard a guess that you have a leak in the carburetor.

Before attempting to start the car remove the air filter, if necessary, and have a look at the sight glass on the side of the carburetor.

This sight glass is fitted on the float chamber and has a dot in the center.

If you cannot see any fuel in the chamber or if the fuel level is very low below the dot, this is the cause of the hard starting.

You will need to remove the carburetor and check it for leaks, especially in the float chamber itself.

Carburetors have a tendency to corrode internally over the years partly due to water condensation and there may be pin holes in the chamber causing the fuel to drain out when the engine is turned off.

The holes cannot be sealed permanently and the solution is replacement of the carburetor.


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