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Question : I OWN a SA5 two-door Honda Accord 1.6.

Sometimes the car's engine suddenly stops when I let go the accelerator when nearing a traffic light. It becomes normal again after I start the engine.

Normal driving with the accelerator pressed down is basically smooth.

There also seems to be no leak in the carburetor.

Could it be due to the carburetor or the mixture of air and fuel ?

The mechanic told me it is a carburetor problem and he does not guarantee that it will be OK after the service.

Can you recommend a mechanic who is well versed with the carburetor service and manual tuning ?

Alternatively, where can I find another carburetor ?

Most of the mechanics are now only good in fuel injection engines with new testing equipment.

My car has been modified with an automotive gearbox more than 13 years ago.

Recently, I changed the timing belt and opted for a re-cond auto gearbox.

Answer : You may be having an internal problem with the carburetor. Usually with old cars, it would be caused by internal corrosion resulting in an unstable idling mixture.

The usual solution is to overhaul the carburetor and clean it out, particularly the internal passages.

If bad corrosion is seen, the best is to replace the carburetor.

Finding a good replacement carburetor may be a problem as a new one would be quite expensive and secondhand ones can be dicey.

As a final solution, you may have to modify one from an engine of a similar engine capacity, even of a different make. Usually this can solve the problem with some changing of jets.


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