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Question : RECENTLY I purchased a 1997 Perodua Kancil 850 (Auto) for RM12,000 and have spent RM1,400 for a complete service, i.e. to change the timing belt, drive shaft, mounting, bushes, new spark plug wires, to mention a few.

The car runs smoothly but sometimes there is a problem when starting. It does not start at the first crank.

I have to press the accelerator and after a few cranks, it starts. However, most of the time it starts without problem.

Sometimes, the car stops while you try to accelerate from a stationary position, like when you are stuck in traffic or at traffic lights. I face the same problem in starting when the car stops.

I have taken the car to two mechanics and even the Perodua service centre. All of them checked and adjusted the carburetor and spark plugs and indicated that there is no problem. However, the problem still persists.

Answer : You have a carburetion problem. You will need to have a look at a few things:

1. Check the fuel level in the float bowl. There is a sight glass on the side of the float bowl and the fuel level should be in the middle and not lower.

2. Check the automatic choke if it is activating every time. It may not be working sometimes and so the car can become difficult to start.

3. Check if the accelerator pump is working properly. The accelerator pump injects raw fuel into the carburetor throat to richen the mixture when accelerating and if this is not working, the engine will stall on acceleration.


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