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Carburetor vs fuel injection

Question : I AM a novice as far as cars are concerned, having only passed my driving test a fortnight ago. I have heard of the terms "carburetor" and "fuel injection" but never found out what they mean. Can you explain?

Answer : BOTH the carburetor and fuel injection systems are fuel-metering devices.

In an internal combustion engine, the amount of fuel entering the engine is measured by either a carburetor or a fuel injection system.

In order to minimize fuel consumption, maximize power output and keep emission of toxic gases low, the ratio of fuel to air entering the combustion chamber must be approximately 1 part to 142 (in terms of mass).

A carburetor is a "suck through" device, whereby air is sucked into the engine via the carburetor. The higher the flow of air, the higher the rate of fuel metered.

Carburetors work well but are relatively crude and inaccurate mechanical devices.

On the other hand, a modern fuel injection system uses electronic devices to accurately measure the amount of air flowing into the engine. A computer called the Engine Control Unit (ECU) calculates precisely the amount of fuel required and the appropriate volume of fuel is injected into the engine.

Carbureted fuel systems are fast becoming extinct because they are unable to meet the strict exhaust pollution standards set by many countries around the world.  


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Carburetor vs fuel injection

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