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Maserati Quattroporte GT SMaserati Quattroporte GT S

ARGUABLY the most desirable four-door luxury Italian sedan, the Quattroporte Sport GT S has been given the latest update by Maserati.

Still keeping in line with its racing heritage, the Quattroporte delivers luxury in a very sporty way.

The V8 4.7-litre engine now gives out 433hp, the gearshift gets a new software, front and rear suspensions feature single- rate damping with stiffer springs and even lower ride height while the exhaust is now controlled by pneumatic valves for a sexier sound, which is definitely Italian.

Aesthetic wise, you get a new grille with a big Trident logo that gets a red accent, new headlights, black twin oval exhaust pipes, M-design seats with perforated Alcantara and interior trimming in Titantex (a titanium coloured composite material).

Maserati takes pride in a long Italian tradition of the design and construction of fine cars since its establishment on Dec 1, 1914 in Bologna, Italy.

With state-of-the-art facilities in the Italian town of Modena, Maserati upholds the tradition of striving for perfection in every detail, enabling drivers to experience the power of thoroughbred engines, while ensuring high levels of comfort.

Every single Maserati is a testament to a splendid history of unrivalled racing achievements, uniquely exquisite interiors and unmistakable, stylish design. Under the Fiat Group management, Maserati has been able to penetrate a lot of new markets, like North America where it is enjoying a good response.

According to our source, Malaysians will be able to see the brand here very soon. It seems that somebody has won the rights to import the Maserati cars here and we hope the GT S will come along too.



Maserati Quattroporte GT S


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