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Volvo V40 HatchbackSleek, sporty HATCHBACK

Looking like a coupe, Volvo V40 sports a stylish design with spacious feel

THIS all-new Volvo V40 is a sporty five-door hatchback that sets new ride handling, fuel efficiency and safety standards in its class.

Its eye-catching coupe design is sportier and sleeker than the outgoing C30 coupe, with four-door flexibility. The exterior was styled by Volvo's Californian studio in Camarillo by American Chris Benjamin. "I wanted an emotionally engaging car that looked like a coupe but had the practicality and functionality of a five-door hatchback," he says. The rear styling is based on the C30, which in turn took cues from the classic P1800ES of the '70s.

The cabin design priorities were to give "a large car feel inside a small car". The dash is wide, accentuating the big car feel while anew high-tech TFT (thin film transistor) instrument digital display is available. The digital instrument cluster allows a choice of three variations based on the driver's preference -- Eco, Elegance and Performance. The information that the driver chooses is the one that's featured the largest.

Notable features that come as standard are the enhanced City Safety technology up to an increased 50km/h, Cross Traffic Alert accompanying the Blind Spot Information System and Innovative knee-airbags for drivers.

To optimize the driving experience, the all new Volvo V40 1.6-litre GTDi T4 engine has a power output of 180 bhp and offers maximum torque of 240 Nm with an automatic six-speed power shift transmission. Drive this V40 with enthusiasm and it provides excellent lugging ability throughout the speed range. The torque curve is relatively gentle, resulting in a particularly comfortable driving experience in city traffic.

Straight line speed is very impressive and this V40 T4 will reach 200km/h very quickly -- it has the ability to put some more powerful hot hatchbacks to shame in its mid-range thrust. Volvo chassis experts have carved out the driving experience in the new Volvo V40 with the same passion and uncompromising approach that characterized the development of the all-new S60 sedan. Suing their experience, they have provided this Volvo V40 with all the attributes of its German competitors. The result is an authentic sports hot hatch with driving properties that do the V40's sporty lines full justice.

All new Volvos now come with best-in-class coverage: five years free servicing, inclusive of parts, five years free warranty and five years Volvo On-Call cover which provides hassle-free motoring for all new Volvo owners.


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