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Lexus ES250Just sailing along the highway

THIS is the 6th generation ES luxury sedan from Lexus. The earlier5 generations were never officially sold in Malaysia, however the ES sold by the thousands in North America and Europe. Now Lexus Malaysia brings this successful luxury sedan in three variants, the ES250, ES250 Luxury and the ES300h. The ES250 and ES250 Luxury are powered by a smooth 2.5litre, 4-cylinder, 16-valve DOHC engine which produces 181hp and 235Nm of torque with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

One look and the new signature Lexus look can be seen but it has been stretched with nifty little features that give it more aggression. It is more masculine than the IS and seems to share a lot with the GS. All four corners of this ES are pulled tightly inward to the wheel arches and its new face carries the signature Lexus look with its distinctive, spindle grille. The "L" design motif is reflected in the LED daytime running lights and combination rear lamps. Fog lamps are integrated into the sculpted lower front bumper fascia.

This Lexus ES cabin is spacious, light and airy, with a thoughtful layout and plenty of elbow room. Everything you touch feels right for the price. Everything you need seems to be where you want it, and everyone on board will be comfortable. the leather is high quality and perfectly tailored, and the driver' seat in our test car has multiple power adjustments. There is good support for the long drive and the seats are easy to slide in and out of during around-town errands. The tilt-and-telescope steering wheel provides a good range of adjustments and compliments the driver's eat movement, so people of every size can find a good driving position. Controls for audio and climate sit below the center dash vents. Rear-seat passengers will have no complaints vent with three adults in. Rear passengers are pampered with great legroom, separate climate and audio control (8-speakers with all connections possible) on the center armrest and window blinds. Six-footers can sit comfortably with decent cup holders. Boot space is huge and drivers can bring their friends for a golf game. Safety is great with 1 airbags, traction control, stability control, brake assist and more.

Both ES models are well-balance cars that are good at just about everything. At idle this Lexus ES is quiet with no engine note entering the cabin ... just like in a GS or LS. Steering is light, direct, and makes quick work of a U-turn, though there isn't as much feedback about how hard the front tires are working as some European executive sedans do. Cruise along any open highway in EV mode to save fuel and it feels like a taut ship slicing through the sea. Find some nasty twists and turns and even in 'Sport' mode this ES lacks the ability to ride corners with authority. The need to find sane speeds will call you as the rear tries to hang on to the steering inputs. This is the downside of having every supple suspension. Still, most buyers will appreciate the super comfortable ride in normal driving and buy a sports car for their fast driving. This is a luxury executive and does not claim to be anything else.

For the selling price, this Lexus ES delivers the most interior space for the exterior dimensions or providing the smoothest, quietest ride and good levels of crash protection. For the corporate buyer or small businessman, this Lexus ES will soon be the highest default choice as it is easy to drive and live with, well-engineered and well-mannered and will probably have the lowest depreciation for its segment. You have 3 interior colors and 5 exterior colors to choose from.


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