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Armed with RM160,000

Question : I have been using a 2005 Volkswagen Golf GTi for the last two years.

It has been good in terms of performance and credibility but now the mileage is over 174,000km and I have started to change wear and tear parts.

I am planning to change to any saloon car or a seven-seater sports utility vehicle (SUV) with a budget below RM160,000.

Please advise which is most suitable since I do outstation a lot.

Answer : That's a very hard car to replace especially when you are talking about long distance driving and comfort.

Since you are limiting the budget to RM160,000, that leaves the new GTi out of the list.

Something less powerful but bigger and perhaps more comfortable than your GTi is the Jetta. It will certainly feel familiar but I worry that you'll miss the GTi turbo's 2-litre lump.

Stretch the budget a bit to RM170,000 and have a look at the Peugeot 508 the turbocharged 1.6 engine plus good looks make it in the must buy list.

For SUVs, I suggest that you take the diesel route petrol would be too heavy for the pocket in the long run.

First up should be the Hyundai Santa Fe Theta, which is slightly below your set budge and comes with a 2.4 turbo diesel engine which gives you a lot of grunt and lots of mileage in return.

But if you want something a bit more manly, then look out for the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport it's not only frugal but tough too with offroad capability.


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