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Dream of owning a Porsche

Question : The Porsche has been my dream car all my life.

Now in my late 30s, I am planning to get a 993 air-cooled Tiptronic for myself (my wife already has an SUV and I'm driving a 2007 Camry).

My budget is about RM270,000.

I have recently seen a few 993s but have fallen in love with a mint-condition 1996 993 Taiga which is within my budget.

I am looking for an everyday, easy- to-drive sports car which is reliable. Somehow, I can't find anything else which I like more than the 993.

What are your thoughts on the 993, given my likings ?

The 993 can even fit my two young children behind ! I simply love the cars growl.

Are there any known issues on the 993 which should make me think twice ?

I am aware of the infamous oil-seal leak problem on the 993 but was advised that it's not an issue which cannot be fixed.

I am not really too particular whether I get a C2 or a Targa variant, but Tiptronic is a must for me.

Answer : You are a lucky petrol head in the position to dump your transport pod (Camry) and get yourself a real man's car.

I myself can appreciate your enthusiasm for this purchase and have just one word to say - well done!

You only live once and if you can afford it, drive your dream car as long as you do not put yourself into the poor house.

Also, consider your kids' future as owning an exotic car like a Porsche requires a rather hefty bank balance.

Of all the supercars, the 993 is probably one of the safest bets in terms of running costs but when something breaks, it will be more than double the price of a similar item in your Camry.

Standard servicing is not a big cost issue and you need to look at the car's mileage to see what possible high replacement costs will be coming your way once in your hands.

Try and visit the Porsche dealer, Auto Eurokars, and chat with the service team and get their advice and see if the car you are buying has records with them.

It always pays to be friendly with the authorised dealer.

Wish you all the luck and have a great ownership experience.


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