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Buy a car
Look at the Mazda3

Question : I HAVE a budget of RM120,000 and intend to buy a new car.

The Honda Civic 2.0 is my favorite but it is already three or four years in the market.

The Toyota Altis is not as futuristic as the Civic, the Nissan Sylphy is not sporty while the Mitsubishi Lancer is quite weird.

Can you help me to make a decision ?

Answer : Your weird reaction towards the looks of the Lancer surprises me as this is the first time someone has a negative view of the looks of this latest Mitsubishi.

You are somewhat right about the other cars mentioned.

My advice to you is to look at a car that is completely away from this segment and one that has been little appreciated.

I suggest you look at the Mazda3 2-litre which sells for RM137,000.

I know that this is above your budget but I have news that some dealers are offering hefty discounts.

The Mazda3 is a well-built spacious car with a long list of features and equipment.

Test drive one and you will agree with me.

Another possibility is the next generation Peugeot 407, which sells from just RM125,888.

Test drive both on the same day and make a decision while having dinner.


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