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Isuzu Hi Def makes more sense

Question : I hate big and tall pick-ups conquering the roads.

Firstly, the pick-ups look dirty.

However, the article in Cars, Bikes & Trucks on the D-Max Hi Def and Triton 3.2 was an eye-opener.

I was Impressed that the Hi Def has a built in satnav.

Unlike other ugly trucks, the Triton really has a futuristic dashboard.

The Hi Def has a muscular body cut while the Triton looks fierce with a "handsome face".

I am planning to buy a car below RM100,000. What is your suggestion ?

Answer : Your first sentence showed some form of hatred for dirty pick-up trucks.

However, you suddenly changed from a pick-up hater to lover in your next sentence.

You then voiced your desire to be the owner of a pick-up as you were impressed with the model which has a satnav built into its dashboard and a muscular looking exterior.

You also expressed your liking for the Triton which has a "futuristic" dashboard.

With a budget of below RM100,000, it is obvious that the Isuzu Hi Def scores more points compared with the Triton.

With the rise in price of diesel, it makes more sense to purchase the Isuzu since I am quite sure you will hardly take it for serious off-roading.

Being a hater of dirty pick-ups, it is clear that you will not subject your truck to muddy trails and dirty off-road tracks.

As such, a lifestyle pick-up like the Hi Def makes more sense for you.

On the other hand, the Mitsubishi Tri- ton has unique looks.


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