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Vios, City or Waja ?

Question : I HAVE been advised to buy a Japanese sedan, such as a Vios or City, rather than the Waja CPS because Proton parts are expensive.

Quality is also a question and resale value is lower.

Answer : You do not seem to have a question and instead just made a statement.

If you have been advised that Proton parts are expensive and I am assuming that the alternative purchase has lower priced parts, then I advise you to visit a spare parts shop that sells most brands and find out for yourself if the statement is true or not.

On the question of quality, you must understand that you are comparing the price of cars that has a difference of almost RM23,000 at showroom level. This is a lot of money and of course when you pay more for a product in the same segment, you end up paying for better quality.

The mindset of the general car buyer must be put to the test here.

If you buy a pencil for 50 sen, you get 50 sen worth of pencil. If the pencil costs 80 sen, then you would assume and expect the 80 sen pencil to may be last longer and even write a little bit better.

In terms of resale value, the best is to take a three-year old car from each brand and see what are their values after three years, assuming similar condition and mileage.

You will notice that percentage wise, the Proton Waja may have lost more but in terms of money value, all cars would have lost about the same amount of money. This means that paying more means also losing more in the first few years of ownership.

Do your own research and never just trust completely the words of others. This is because many car owners get cheated by some mechanics and straightway assume that a certain product is bad. 


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