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Enamoured with Rexton

Question : I'm looking for a vehicle that has the tenets of a seven-seater SUV (sports utility vehicle).

I am glad to hear that we can now find non-fuel guzzlers such as the Hyundai Santa Fe and Chevy Captiva which are within my budget.

Looking at the current market price of a second-hand Rexton 270xdi, it's almost half the price of the two and still looks dashing !

What are the pros and cons of buying a new SW compared with a second- hand one ?

Is there any problem with Rexton maintenance and spare parts availability, especially in the East Coast. What is your recommendation ?

Answer : I see that you are quite taken by the Rexton's looks. You need to make sure that the used SUV you are buying comes from a reliable owner. You need to completely check service records and have a trustworthy and competent mechanic to check the vehicle out.

I am a big advocate of used vehicles as I believe it is better to let the first owner pay for the three years of depreciation before I come along and get a relative good bargain.

No matter how much good news I get from my mechanic, I will set aside 5 per cent of the purchase value of the used vehicle for possible wear and tear repairs.

This means that if I buy a used SW for RM80,000, I will add another RM4,000 (5 per cent) to my bill for possible replacement parts and repairs. Then I will never feel cheated and been given a bad deal.

For East Coast maintenance, I do believe that Ssangyong has a good 3S centre in most states and there should be little issue in after sales with a Rexton. The best is to visit Ssangyong's website and check with the nearest dealers when buying the used Rexton.

Make sure that the first owner has detailed service records. You can check the records to see where the Rexton has been maintained and call the 3S centre to see if the car is worth its asking value.


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