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Starting hassle

Question :

I HAVE problems starting my Inokom Matrix, especially after using the air conditioner.

The car hesitates for a while before starting, usually when my battery is weak.

I have sent the car to the main service centers but the mechanics were unable to identify the problem.

It seems that when the air conditioner is turned on, there is not enough charging of the battery.

I have changed the alternator to a reconditioned one but the problem still persists.

A mechanic told me there might be a problem with the wiring.

Another told me it is the starter while another told me it is an air conditioning problem.

I had my alternator replaced once during the warranty period but since there was no improvement, the service center took it out and put back the old one.

My current battery is about 17 months old and is the longest any batter has ever lasted on this car.

All other batteries failed within six to nine months.

I suspect the attacked desulfator is making my battery last longer.

Answer :

When you say that the engine hesitates for a while before starting, do you mean that the engine cranks but does not fire ?

There are usually two causes to the problem:

1. There is a voltage drop when cranking and this could be caused by the air conditioning compressor being connected tot he ignition terminal of the ignition switch.

Try turning off the air conditioning when starting and if there is no problem, then trace the live wire connection to the compressor and connect it to the ACC terminal of the switch.

2. I am not familiar with the ignition coil wiring of your car but if you do have a separate coil, check if it has a ballast resistor fitted to the side.

Such coils are actually 9V coils and under normal running, the current goes through the resistor but when starting here is a separate connection from the ignition switch direct to the coil itself which puts 12V into the 9V coil.

This gives a fatter spark for starting. if this connection is faulty, the engine will have difficulty starting but once started it will run perfectly.

Seventeen months for a battery is quite good. Batteries seem to be dying earlier nowadays and I have had batteries dying on me around 12 months.

If your batteries are not lasting, check on the loads you are putting in them. you can work out the total amperes drawn by all the normal accessories that you are running and the alternator should be putting out at least that amount.

Otherwise, your battery will be discharging at night and charging back in the day and the continuous cycling will kill it.


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