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Jumper cable

Question : IS it correct to jump start a vehicle by connecting the positive and negative terminals of the weak battery to the positive and negative terminals of the booster battery respectively?

In one incident, I saw that the booster battery was damaged. What is the reason?

What are the things to look for in purchasing a jumper cable for cars?

Answer : The connection is always positive to positive and negative to negative. The recommended method is firstly to connect the red jumper cable from the positive of the charged battery to the positive of the dead battery. Then connect the black jumper cable to the negative of the charged battery and the other end to any metal part of the vehicle such as a head bolt.

As far as possible, do not connect the black cable to the negative of the dead battery because sometimes while connecting there will be sparks and the sparks may cause the battery to explode due to the hydrogen gases coming out of the battery.

When buying a booster cable, make sure that the cable is heavy and has many strands of copper wire as the more the strands, the higher current it can carry.

For starting, the current draw will be about 400 amperes and if the cable is not strong enough, it will melt.

Also make sure that the clamps are made from solid metal and not just sheet metal bent into the shape of a clamp. These sheet metal clamps cannot carry a heavy load and will quickly get too hot even to hold.

Of course cost is the factor and the cheaper products can still do the job but not as well.


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