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Question : MY 2000 Perodua Kancil 650 veers very badly to the right side when traveling at speeds exceeding 15 km/h.

I have sent the car for alignment and had the wheels balanced but this does not seem to improve matters.

Please help as I feel that it would be extremely dangerous to continue driving the vehicle in this state.

Answer : THERE are several reasons why a vehicle does not travel in a straight line, the most common of which include misalignment of the wheels, suspension wear, suspension damage and chassis damage.

Misalignment of the wheels can easily be corrected, and indeed wheel alignment work should be carried out once every 10,000km.

The latter reasons are more serious and can be potentially dangerous since the performance of the vehicle under adverse weather conditions, or in an emergency, can be unpredictable.

Suspension wear can easily be rectified but damage to the suspension and chassis requires further investigation.

Suspension and chassis damage can occur if the vehicle has hit a curb hard, hit a big pothole or been involved in an accident.

The alignment of the entire vehicle, and not only the wheels, must be checked for straightness.

A chassis jig is required for carrying out the alignment task and this is available at the workshops of the main dealers.

Cutting, welding and/or jigging work may be required so this is not a job that can be properly carried out by a back street workshop.


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