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Bad reading

Question : My new car had a tyre change. The shop, after doing a tyre alignment, suggested that the camber screws be changed to adjustable ones. The tyres have more outside wear compared to the old ones which had travelled the same distance. Some say it's not advisable to change the original camber screws, which are in factory setting. But what about the bad reading on the alignment machine?

Answer : If the vehicle manufacturer supplied the car with non-adjustable camber, there is a reason for it; they probably feel that there is no necessity to make any adjustments.

There are some cars that have a tendency for the strut towers to move inwards with hard use (bad roads, etc) resulting in a need for strut supports, adjustable camber, etc., to bring the settings back to original. I take this to be the exception rather than the norm and therefore there is no need to replace the lower arm bolts with the so-called camber screws or fit strut supports unless the suspension setting is so far out that it has to be done.

Also take note that many of these camber screws are of dubious manufacture and material, and because the bolt is machined with an offset, there is a possibility of the bolt snapping under sudden load. If you have to fit such a product, make sure you know where it comes from and if there is any certification on quality, etc.

Lastly, how sure are you that the shop's alignment machine is accurate and giving you the correct readings? Double check with another alignment shop before spending more money or in making modifications.


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