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Air-conditioning fault

Question : MY Chevrolet Optra has been running trouble free for the past 100,000mg or six years but recently, the air-cond started giving me headaches.

At first, the air-cond failed to cool the car down.

I sent it in to an air-cond shop and a gas top up was done.

Less than a month, I have black gooey stuff dripping on to the floor mat on the passenger's side and the air-cond emitted only hot air.

I sent the car to another air-cod master who cleared up everything, change the electric fan motor and my compressor, making me $1000 poorer.

Two weeks later, there was a squeaking noise coming from the engine bay each time I switched on the air-cond.

What is the problem ? Is it true that cars before 2006 use a slower air-cond fan due to the lower global temperature ? What am I supposed to do now ?

Answer : The squeaking noise is probably the idler bearing of the air conditioning system and that can be changed quite easily.

I can only say that if you want to get a good job done on your air conditioning, get it done by a shop that is an authorised repairer for the brand of air-conditioning that you are using as they will most probably be trained and up to date with any technical updates.

There are many guys professing to do air conditioning service who really have very little idea of what they are doing except recharging refrigerant.

One must realize that air conditioning systems operate at very high pressures and servicing these units require proper training and skill.


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