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Fan poser

Question : I OWN a 1995 Honda Accord 2.0.

Whenever I switch off the engine after using the car, the air-cond fan will start running after a lapse of a few seconds and will only stop after a few minutes.

The temperature meter shows normal.

If I turn on the ignition switch without starting the car, the fan will stop running but will resume when I turn off the switch.

My mechanic says that it is normal, but I don't remember whether that was the case when the car was new.

Is there a problem ?

Answer : It all depends on how the fan is wired.

In many cases, the fan is wired separate to the ignition switch.

When the engine is shut down, the cooling fan also stops and there is a rise in temperature in the cooling system.

What is happening is that the temperature switch activates the air-conditioning fan and when the temperature comes down sufficiently, the fan will automatically shut off.

The reason why the fan stops turning when you turn on the ignition is because the fan power is being taken from the ACC side of the switch and when the switch is turned to ignition, all other systems are turned off in order to give maximum power for the engine starting.

This is common with all car ignition switches.


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