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Lack of cool air

Question : I own a 2004 Honda City VTEC. Last month, the air-conditioning system stopped blowing cool air when I was stuck in a traffic jam or the car was at idling speed for more than 10 minutes. This happened in the afternoon when the external temperature was very hot.

However, after the car was at normal running speeds for a few minutes, the air-conditioning started functioning again.

There was also a knocking sound coming from under the bonnet when the air-conditioning started malfunctioning.

The air-conditioning runs very well during morning and night even when the car is at idling speed for more than 10 minutes.

I have been to my authorised dealer where the air-conditioning technician said it was due to a problem with the magnet which needs to be changed.

I have also checked with a car workshop where the supervisor suspected the pressure sensor in the compressor is overheated and thus, would stop working temporarily. If this is the case, the entire compressor needs to be replaced as the supervisor said there were no spare parts for the pressure sensor.

What is your opinion ?

Answer : Most air-conditioning systems fitted today in cars have temperature and pressure sensors that would cut off the compressor if the line pressures or the temperature in the condenser become too high.

The line pressure gets very high when there is excessive heat or if there is a blockage in the hose, and this will cause the hoses to burst.

Get someone to check the line pressures when the car has been idling for a long period and also, if the condenser is clogged with dirt.

The problem cannot be with the compressor clutch magnet because it is electrically operated and it is disconnecting because the current is being switched off probably due to the high pressure or temperature. The cause has to be found first.


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