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Smoke comes in

Question : I BOUGHT a Nissan Latio 1.6L AT-ST in Seremban last August.

I had a problem with the air-conditioner.

I perceive that there is a smell whenever I follow a vehicle emitting smoke.

Also, smoke comes out from the center ventilator at the driver's side.

As the car is still under warranty, I complained with the Nissan service center four times but the problem was still not fixed.

In fact, the technician told me ( when I complained the first time ) not to adjust the 'air intake lever' which allowed air to circulate from outside !

I have talked to the service center's manager but things did not change.

Answer : Actually you have two problems.

1. The smell of smoke from outside the vehicle is caused by opening the fresh air vent which allows fresh air to come into the car from outside and since air comes in, smells and smoke will also go through.

Normally, one would not open the fresh air vent when in heavy traffic or following a vehicle emitting smoke.

2. The so-called smoke you see coming out of the vents is actually water condensation or a form of 'fog' that is created by the evaporator being too cold.

What needs to be done is to get the temperature at the expansion valve adjusted to a slightly higher temperature to prevent freezing.

The temperature at the expansion valve should be at +3oC at the lowest or else there would be freezing of the evaporator coil, resulting in bad smells as well as 'fog' and ultimately no flow of air.


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