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Dashboard leak

Question : WATER is leaking from the front passenger side just below the dashboard of my Viva.

I have sent it for repairs three times but it still happens.

Should I send my car for anti-rust inspection at the end of the year? The car is still under warranty.

Answer : You should take the car back to the franchise holders and make noise until the leak is repaired.

Personally, I think it is not a leak from outside the car but rather condensation from the air conditioning.

Remember that when the air conditioning is working, there is quite a lot of condensation and the water collects at the bottom of the evaporator and is supposed to drain below the car. If for some reason the drain hose is blocked, the water will overflow into the passenger compartment.

Modern cars do not rust anymore like before because of better body preparation before painting. Unless you have scratched or damaged the bodywork to the bare metal beneath, it is unlikely that you will have much rusting.

A better idea is to occasionally go round the car and check the places where trim or fittings have been screwed into the body and if you see indications of rust forming, spray into the areas with something like WD40 to disperse the water and act as a seal.


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