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DragonTrait that inspires confidence

IF YOU are game for a bit of fun on the road, you should at least make sure that your tyres are on par with your car's performance.

Italian tyre maker Pirelli has a wide range of performance tyres, among them the Dragon that promises good grip and handling for you to enjoy your drive.

The Dragon's most striking characteristic is its feel and control on wet roads -- a trait which would inspire plenty of confidence in both tight and sweeping corners.

Designed with large drainage channels, the Dragon claims to give excellent handling on wet roads with high anti-aquaplaning property.

The tyre, which is specially developed for Asia-Pacific and Middle-East markets, is available, from 14- to 19-inch wheel sizes in the 30 to 65 series.

It promises motorists and after-market tuners the opportunity to exploit the full performance of popular cars in these markets, such as the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class and Subaru Impreza.

Besides these cars, the wide sizes of this tyre also enables more motorists, from those driving sedans, sports sedans, compacts, coupes, hatchbacks, multi-purpose vehicles, cabriolets and roadsters, to enjoy the benefits of the Dragon.

The Dragon's a unique zigzag-shaped central tread grooves which ensures uniform and constant rubber to asphalt contact, even at high speed.

The tyre responds immediately to steering input as its asymmetric tread pattern provides performance handling in cold or hot, wet or dry conditions, off the line or in corners.

Its V and W speed ratings allow f motorists to drive up to 270kph and negotiate curves and long straight highways confidently.

Known to resist under-steer well even when pushed hard, the tyre compound used also reduces wear while offering a quiet ride. With its tread compound made from the latest of Pirelli's acclaimed silica technology, the Dragon gives immediate and continuous grip, even under difficult and demanding road conditions.


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Trait that inspires confidence

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