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Inconsistent idling

Question : I AM wondering why the rpm of my wife's Waja 1.6L Campro engine sometimes waves up or idles at 1,500-2,000 for a period of time (like we are revving but we're not) when driving and comes to a stop, especially when braking suddenly ?

Is this another character of the engine or is something troubling ?

When I asked the Proton guys, they said it's the fly by wire triggering and it's normal.

Is this true? My previous Wira also behaved like that and the EON guys said it was the throttle body chip melting and the throttle body needed to be changed.

Also, can a shock absorber be jammed? How do we know that it's jammed and can we repair it ?

Can we adjust the bouncing character of the Kancil at the back seat ?

Answer :

1. The idle speed should not 'hunt', i.e. go up and down, and this is an indication that the idle mixture is inconsistent.

Since this happens when your wife uses the brakes, I have a suspicion that there is a leak in the brake servo, the vacuum hoses leading to the servo or the check valve itself.

If there is a leak in any of these components, air will be allowed into the inlet manifold and this would cause instability in the idle mixture and the engine will 'hunt'.

I would suggest that you check all the parts mentioned for leaks and at the same time tighten up all hoses between the air-mass sensor and the throttle body, just in case there are leaks there.

2. A shock absorber if jammed will not allow the suspension to move either upwards or downwards. This rarely happens and usually the shock absorber suffers from leakage when it becomes no longer effective.

If the shock absorbers are too soft or if you regularly carry a full load in the Kancil, then you may want to look for uprated gas shockers that would help to carry the load better.


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